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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Liyuan ChenLiyuan Chen
Passed 1st time
To the most patient and kindest instructor ever, I am incredibly grateful for your guidance and support, without which passing my driving test on the first attempt wouldn't have been possible. You have a remarkable ability to remain calm and composed even in challenging driving situations, which has helped me immensely in gaining confidence behind the wheel. Thank you for your invaluable assistance.

Arya TimoriArya Timori
Passed 1st time
Chris was my driver instructor. He is a seriously devoted instructor, kind and patient. He has an effective manner of explaining everything in detail, led by simple examples and comparisons, making sure it’s clear for you. He made me ready for the test, and I passed on my first attempt with 2 minor faults. I highly recommend him.

Vishal SolankiVishal Solanki
Passed 1st time
Chris is a great instructor; he will work with you to become proficient in all aspects of driving. He is supportive, generous and flexible. I used to hate roundabouts, but Chris taught me the method and practiced them with me many times, now I feel confident when tackling them, and of course, the result was a pass for me.

Hena TimoriHena Timori
Passed First Time
To the most patient instructor ever, thank you for never giving up on me even when I made the same mistake multiple times. You made all the difference. Thank you for all the lessons, patiently guiding me through every turn Chris!🤭👍🏼 Good luck :)

Seneer Asif
Incredibly Patient and a Great Teacher
Absolutely brilliant driving instructor and person! Mr Vartanian is an incredibly patient, a thorough well spoken teacher who will work with your skills and strengths and find a way to teach you in a way that's specific to you. Learned so much from him. He's personal, creative, imaginative, and uses just the right kind of language to help you learn to drive safely and pass in the future. There's not many instructors like him and I'm not just saying that, because I have tried lessons with many others. He is a great teacher, a perfectionist, will actively listen to you, plus he has a patience of a saint! Trust me, speak with him and book your lessons. Highly recommended.